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The ‘Business Breakthrough Session’ is a new way for you to work with me in the form of a 90 minutes session! Let’s just get it done, so get ready to work hard!

Working with me is a unique experience and now you can enjoy this very exciting sales opportunity to look at key factors that will help you to drive your business forward. We can do some great work in 90 minutes and wherever you are I can work with you as I use Zoom to do these sessions. How about that for flexibility!

The impact of these sessions will really change your outlook and will motivate you to start moving forward in the direction you want to go with confidence.

Here’s what client’s have said about this session…

‘You got to work on me straight away and with your intuitive coaching style you helped me to get the ideas flowing. And oh how they flowed! Everything became crystal clear ‘

‘Jules helped give me oodles of confidence and a new found ability to rock my sales with integrity, so I can authentically attract the clients who need what I have to offer.’

‘I had such a breakthrough on a personal level, due to her humanness and coaching style. I got way more than what I wanted from it; it went far beyond that and I got exactly what I needed’

All reviews are on my Compassio Coaching Facebook page here

Sales is human, and you are unique. That’s exactly how I will work with you and we will absolutely get the very best out of your existing life skills. This is your session, your business and your plan – and I will make sure that you own it.

Why do I want to invest in this…?

It’s great to review where you are at and see whether you are really achieving your goals. If you are, what’s the next step and if you’re not then let’s look at why not. I want you to fall in love with sales and your business and this session will help you to do just that.

You will leave feeling refreshed, with a new perspective and with a plan. What value do you put on that…?


So it’s time to change your game with coaching from the real Dragon Slayer – Jules White.

Open now to book your 90 minute zoom session for just £199 – amazing value right there!

I can’t wait to work with you.


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