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Passionate about sales, leadership, business and individual coaching and mentoring.

Welcome to Compassio. They say life is a journey, and you never know exactly where your journey will go, how long it will take, and who you will meet on the way. Compassio is about helping you to realise your potential and I’m passionate about working with people who really want to achieve their goals.

I am Jules White and I specialise in sales, leadership and management coaching and training and also provide one to one coaching and development for individuals. 

I am motivated by success in business and we will always need sales, for that reason my work is all about improving the sales strategy and helping your business to grow. With 30 years of selling, sales leadership and success in sales strategy under my belt and the experience of winning investment in the Dragons’ Den, I am driven, resilient and can’t wait to pass on that knowledge to the people I work with. It’s about human selling – you sell every day in life.

Working with me is a unique experience. 


Who are my ideal clients? Entrepreneurs with new businesses, as well as ambitious leaders in established companies, where help is required to reach the next level of growth and revenue. It may be that things are just not progressing as quickly as you want them to and you can’t quite figure out why and how to move forward.

My clients work with me because they have the following frustrations:-

  • I spend so much time quoting for business I don’t win
  • Proposals take me hours to put together
  • My prospects always want to think about it and come back to me
  • My prospects never want to pay the price I quote
  • People want something for nothing
  • There is no formula that works consistently
  • I want to be different but my sales process is very prescriptive

Do any of the above strike a chord with you?

The ultimate result of working with me will leave you with new ideas, a support framework, and a new approach to sales. You will sell on a level playing field and you will see the transaction not just from your perspective, but from the buyer’s too, because you will understand why he or she is going to buy from you.

I’d love to discuss how we can work together so please do contact me.

My experience in business, having run my own business, having taken opportunities such as Dragons’ Den, makes me truly an expert in the sales and business coaching and mentoring arena. I have worked in sales for almost 30 years and have coached and supported sales teams of my own for over 10 years. For this reason I have a wealth of experience to help your business and people thrive. You have to trust and connect with your coach and that’s exactly what I’m here to do.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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About Jules White


Nic Hallett  Nic Hallett – Managing Director at Excel Communications (HRD) Ltd

Julie is an astonishing person and a great asset for any organisation combining as she does a passion and energy for sales and a supportive, coaching approach to managing her team. From the moment you meet Julie you know she is a force to be reckoned with, determined to over deliver and just the most fun to be around. She can deliver sales but this would be an underutilisation of her keen, strategic mindset which is best leveraged heading up a sales team or teams.

Mark Cuschieri  Mark Cuschieri – Executive Director at UBS

Julie is one of those people who can make an immediate positive and lasting impression. I have found Julie to be highly professional and engaging with a solution orientated attitude, which is both refreshing and greatly rewarding. Julie is without question an asset to any organisation and I would not hesitate to recommend her, she is worthy of any senior position and will add value to any position she would take

Michael Schofield  Michael Schofield – Leadership and Executive Coach

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Julie at Yell and have had business dealings with her since then, and I am never less than impressed by her passion and commitment to providing the best customer service possible.
Julie’s drive for continuous improvement and her desire to maintain her high standards of professionalism results in excellent results for herself, her company and her clients.
She is able to bring a creative flair to whichever role she takes on and has the ability to inspire those around her to follow her lead.
Julie is a shining example of what can be achieved in business with skill, hard work and dedication.